In the spring of 2014, no active scientific publications existed on Boston College’s campus. Recently, newly arisen publications such as the Medical Humanities Journal and the Mendel Society’s Bioethics Journal have demonstrated that there is a strong interest and need for an undergraduate science publication. The Life Sciences Journal (LSJ) is a new, biology department sponsored, student-run journal that seeks to address topics related to the broader life sciences and health-related fields in general. Students will not be restricted by major or by whether they are pre-med, but instead will be of various academic backgrounds and will be interested in pursuing any health-related career.

The idea to start a student-run, life-sciences publication was inspired by the fact that most other universities already have at least one. As a Jesuit institution, Boston College challenges students to think critically and to creatively engage in dialogue. We would like to establish an outlet for undergraduate students who are passionate about pre-health or science related fields to supplement their learning experience by applying their knowledge outside of the classroom. In our pilot year we hope to demonstrate that LSJ is an invaluable space for students to learn how to develop their writing and research skills, analyze current scientific literature, engage in discussion about current research and science topics, and get more involved in science and research community at Boston College.

Best, Parisa Oviedo

B.S. Psychology Candidate

Boston College, Class of 2016

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