Life Cycle

Stages In A Plant’s Life Cycle

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The life cycle of plans is like the humans and the other animals. It is described in various stages, from the start of its life to the end, where it becomes the mature plant from a seed. But not all plants are able to produce seeds. Some like the mosses and fern produce cells called spores. These do not produce seeds.


This is the first step in the cycle of germination. From the outside, there is a tough layer that protects it. It is known as the outer coat. But there is a baby plant growing inside, which is the embryo. The embryo consists of a root, shoot and leaves. The germination requires water, warmth which is the ideal temperature and the location has to be suitable, which is the soil.



The next stage is germination. The seed is dormant before it germinates. For germination to occur, there have to be some suitable conditions like the right location, temperature and water, so that the nutrients aptly reach it. When these conditions are met, the seed would sprout. For it is the roots that grow, in the downward direction. The hair texture on the root absorbs the water and the various other minerals from the soil. This process is called germination.


A young plant grows post-germination. It requires sunlight and grows towards it. After that, it would need a consistent supply of nutrients, sunlight, water and air to grow and survive. The process of photosynthesis grows the seedling into a complete plant.

Adult Plant

After the plant becomes mature, the plant grows into a flower and the seeds are produced. Then the mature plant would have the stem, flower, fruits, roots, and leaves. The reproductive part of the plant is the flowers. They make the seeds, which turn them into plants. There are many different parts of the plant like the pistil, stamen, petals, sepals, etc.


In the process of the plant life cycle, pollination is an important step. The pollens are produced by flowers and transferred by the various pollinators like butterflies, insects, bees and wind. Whenever the various insects and the butterfly get on the flower, the pollen sticks to their legs. Then the pollen transfer occurs.

Seed dispersal

In the last step, the seeds might get scattered to new places and there is a new life cycle that begins. These seeds are spread by water, wind and animals.

In conclusion

These are the steps that are in the stages of the plant. It is quite a journey to its complete growth.

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