Revolutionized Science

The Biological Discoveries That Revolutionized Science

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There has been a long history in the field of biology where there have been many discoveries. There have been many advancements in this field and the various mechanisms that have taken the science of biology to a whole new level. Here are some breakthroughs in the world of science.


Already the theories by Gregor Mendel, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace are well known by everyone. But this spur of growth lasted for 170 years and helped in the discovery of DNA in the time of the 1950s. These are the founding factors that are the complete groundwork in the field of research.



These were discovered by Alexander Flemming upon discovering Penicillium mould spores. He discovered that these could kill the staphylococcal bacteria in a petri dish. The goal of this research was to prevent anaerobic infections from being life-threatening. This was the first step to a large amount of research, leading to saving the lives of the people.

Gel Electrophoresis

There are no labs without the gel rigs with the humming sound of the electrical current separating DND or RNA. This is one of the most remarkable discoveries. It was first discovered by Arne Tiselius in the year 1931 and all of the work was performed to form these gel matrices into discrete bands. It was only in the 1960s that scientists were able to identify DNA using it.

HeLa Cell Discovery

HeLa Cell Discovery

The cells of cervical cancer which killed Henrietta Lacks in 1951 were the benchmark in cancer research and knowledge. These HeLa cells made the research easier, repeatable and robust. This facilitated the first polio vaccine in the year 1952. Without this, the research would have been much slower.

The Structure of DNA

After the discovery of evolution and inheritance, the discovery of DNA became well known with Rosalind Franklin’s double helix. Later, James Watson’s and Francis Crick’s models arrived of the double helix. Now, it is common knowledge in the field of biology.

DNA Polymerase

DNA Polymerase

Arthur Kornberg changed the lab with the world of molecular microbiology. With this, the scientists were finally able to synthesize the various sequences of the DNA into an existing strand. This became the bedrock of molecular biology in relation to transformation, cloning and sequencing.

Reverse transcriptase

It was discovered by Howard Termina and David Baltimore. It led to the synthesis of the cDHa from the RNA and it was able to bridge the various gaps that existed in the field of biology. It helps achieve a better understanding of the retroviruses and antiviral drugs.

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